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Data Physics’ sister company, Lansmont Corporation, provides access to their award-winning portable, autonomous SAVER™ Shock And Vibration Environmental data Recorders.


Field to Lab technology for vibration testing

Figure 1: Illustration showing Lansmont SAVER field data recorder capturing environmental shock data for transport package testing.

Whether you are transporting pallets of bottled water, crates of sensitive electronics, or a fully assembled space satellite to the launch pad, you want high confidence that upon arrival, the product has maintained its original integrity without experiencing damage along the way.

Lansmont SAVERs provide the ability to measure dynamic hazards in the Field, then generate actionable summaries of that data that can drive representative testing and simulation in the Lab – a complete Field-to-Lab® Solution! SAVER data can be used with all Data Physics Vibration Controllers to facilitate meaningful test and simulation efforts.

Field to Lab methodology:  Measure Test MonitorFigure 2: Measure the environment – Test to simulate the environment – Monitor to see if the environment changes


SAVER products are organized into two categories, based upon their primary applications – Monitoring and Measurement.

Monitoring applications record and log only those key events when user-defined threshold criteria are exceeded. Measurement applications record thousands of shock and vibration events, allowing for complete, detailed characterization and analysis of targeted transport and in-use environments. All SAVER products are provided with SaverXware for analysis, data-basing and reporting.

SAVER products also have the ability to log and report on:

• Shock/impact and vibration acceleration waveforms
• Power Spectral Density (PSD) event & summary analysis
• Temperature
• Relative humidity
• Atmospheric pressure
• Light sensing
• Orientation
• GPS position

SAVER Data Recorders and Data Loggers from Lansmont


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